This highly effective skin treatment series combines 3 of the most effective technologies into 1 treatment to achieve the ultimate facial makeover. The Triniti™ treatment improves skin color, texture and wrinkles without the invasiveness of other methods.Each treatment session includes:

Color Correction – Corrects facial redness, removes age spots and freckles, balances uneven skin tone and reverses sun-damage

Skin Tightening – Increases firmness in loose and sagging skin around jowl and neck, under the eyes and “parentheses” lines around the mouth

Fractional Wrinkle Repair – Reduces wrinkle depth revealing a smoother skin texture where wrinkles once lay

The Triniti™ treatment is a 45-60 minute session. Typically 3-5 sessions 3- 4 weeks apart are required to achieve optimal results. Most patients see results 3 weeks after the first treatment, with increased improvement up to 6 months after the last treatment. Results of this treatment series may last 2-5 years, depending on lifestyle, diet and genetic factors. Schedule your complimentary consultation for the Triniti™ Ultimate Facial Makeover today!

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Triniti Ultimate Facial Makeover

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