Regardless of the size or scope of a surgical procedure, our board-certified dermatologists at AAD provide the best medical care possible before, during and after your surgery. Dr. Soares has performed countless surgical procedures to treat benign and malignant skin lesions for medical and cosmetic purposes.

These surgical services include:

  • Houston Biopsies
  • Cryo - and Electrosurgery
  • Excision of Skin Cancers, Moles, Cysts, Keloids, and Skin Tags
  • Growth and Mole RemovalRepairs with Skin Flaps and Grafts
  • Scar Revision
  • Skin Cancer Surgery
  • Staged excisions

Advanced Associates in Dermatology serves patients requiring dermatology treatment in Cypress, Tomball, Humble, Kingwood, Spring, The Woodlands, Conroe, Katy, and the greater Houston area.

In Houston You Can Get:

  • scar revision
  • skin cancer surgery
  • skin graft
  • skin growth removal
  • skin tag removal
  • surgical mole removal

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surgical dermatology Services

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Dermatologic surgical procedure refers to that subspecialty of dermatology that manages skin situations by surgical techniques. These treatments may possibly require the superficial layers in the skin or extend through to the fundamental layers of muscle or Excess fat beneath depending on the situation getting handled. All of our physicians routinely carry out dermatologic surgical treatment. Our medical professionals have a deep experience with many surgical treatments including skin grafts, biopsies, skin growth removal, and more.

There are actually many different sorts of dermatologic surgical strategies. For example, for those situations which might be about the floor of your skin, our Medical doctors may possibly opt for to remove them by simply shaving or snipping them off which has a surgical scalpel or scissor respectively, by destroying them with a chilly spray of liquid nitrogen or simply a Distinctive beam of sunshine through our lasers, or electrical destruction with special devices produced for that objective. Examples of disorders Which may be addressed would be benign issues such as surgical mole removal, age spots, pores and skin tag removal, or cancerous problems the place the cancer is in only the higher levels on the skin.

The surgical excision through which a expansion is eliminated then the resulting wound closed with sutures permits removing of problems that involve likely further levels from the pores and skin. Samples of benign growths necessitating excision are cysts, certain moles, fatty tumors (lipomas), and birthmarks. Excision can be usually utilized for pores and skin cancers, Especially malignant melanomas.

Mohs surgery is actually a specialized form of excisional surgical treatment, and that is used for skin cancer surgery. Around 3500 skin cancers are taken out by This system each year in our Heart. Reconstructive plastic surgical procedure is an additional form of dermatologic surgical procedure. Thousands sufferers bear such a surgical procedures every year in our Business office pursuing removal in their pores and skin cancers with Mohs surgical procedures. Such surgical procedure is additionally wanted For most melanomas.‍‍‍

The last place of dermatologic surgical procedures is beauty and laser surgical procedure. Botox and Beauty Fillers became regime strategies. We rely on them and multiple other treatment methods which allow us to treat the results of growing old and Solar harm as well as undesirable hair, wrinkles, blood vessels, leg veins, acne scars and others. You should visit our cosmetic solutions part To find Houston scar revision out more about these. While cosmetic operation is elective, laser surgical procedures might be either elective or required for healthcare circumstances.

The dermatologic surgical methods performed in our Houston office are all done less than area anesthesia. In periods earlier, a lot of of those processes had been done under heavier amounts of sedation or normal anesthesia, but advancements and utilization of our neighborhood anesthetics have allowed transfer of many these strategies to your a great deal more Risk-free outpatient environment. Performed in this location, There exists not merely a faster return to normal things to do, but a significantly reduced price of an infection. Also, most recoveries have both minimum or average soreness, that's controlled with just Tylenol.

We built and designed our Houston office to deliver dermatologic surgical strategies successfully and with the very best possible excellent. Determined by the survey success from our clients and evaluations by outside accrediting businesses, We've got successfully fulfilled these targets at the highest doable degree.