Restyla‍‍‍ne treatments

Restylane is a clear liquid gel, a non-animal-based Hyaluronic acid cosmetic filler for facial lines. This is a sugar that is naturally found in the body and provides volume and fullness to the skin. It is typically administered to patients age 35-60 with or without local anesthesia. It is very safe and requires no skin testing. Depending on the extent of the treatment, the procedure may last just a few minutes up to 30 minutes and patients normally return home after the procedure.This treatment can be done in three simple steps:Step 1: The doctor identifies injection points to be treated and applies anesthesia.Step 2: The right amount of Restylane to be used for all the injection points is identifiedStep 3: The Restylane filler is then injected beneath the skin. During this process Hyaluronic acid in the filler adheres to the skin to retain volume under the skin's surface. The water helps to preserve the renewed volume of the skin.

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Houston Restylane Injectable Filler

Restylane will be the number one selling injectable filler on the globe. Both equally Gentlemen and women have experienced a far more youthful and refreshed visual appeal with Restylane. Typical treatment spots incorporate nasolabial folds and creases in the corners of the mouth. Restylane will also be utilized for lip enhancement. Quantity and fullness is restored quickly following procedure with effects lasting nearly eighteen months with complete correction.

What is Restylane?

Restylane is a transparent hyaluronic acid gel which is indicated for the cure of moderate to extreme facial wrinkles. It is also the one injectable filler authorized for lip improvement. It's been used in about 15 million treatments by men and women throughout the world considering that its introduction more than ten years ago. The hyaluronic acid is formulated from non-animal resources, which makes it safe for many people.

How does it get the job done?

Restylane is specially formulated to imitate the hyaluronic acid identified naturally in your body. It restores fullness and volume promptly right after procedure and enhances the long run dampness content on the skin. For best outcomes, whole correction ought to be obtained. When comprehensive correction is attained, a abide by-up remedy is usually recommended four to 9 get more info months later on. Success can final nearly 18 months. The level of Restylane required to obtain complete correction will change. As time passes, the Restylane might be broken down in the skin similar to natural hyaluronic acid.

What to expect?

Restylane treatment plans are rapid with minimal to no downtime, supplying a far more youthful look in underneath an hour. The quantity of Restylane desired will probably be based on our Houston doctors treatment method. Restylane has become accessible with lidocaine that can help minimize distress during remedy. Prevalent Unwanted side effects of Restylane treatment method include brusing, swelling and redness. These could be diminished by making use of an ice pack after the Restylane is injected.‍‍‍